Quality assurance

High quality is fundamental if we are to achieve good profitability and create long-term growth.

The measure of quality for our performance is the satisfaction of our customers.

We strive towards world-class quality in all we do, through:

  • focusing on customer value and maintaining at all times a readiness to understand customer needs
  • focusing on the flow of value along the complete supply chain in order to systematically reduce waste, not only in our own operations but also in those of our customers and suppliers
  • providing supportive and encouraging leadership towards clearly defined goals, creating highly motivated employees who take responsibility for their own development and continuous improvement in their tasks.

Environmental policy

AnVa Components AB is a manufacturing company that supplies steel components to the global market. Our ambition in our work with the environment is to exceed the minimum demand placed on us, which is to conform to relevant environmental legislation. We shall convince employees, customers and others that we are a company that takes responsibility for the environment by:

  • preventative work with the environment that seeks continuous improvement
  • continuous review of our operations, leading to the establishment of new environmental objectives, while at the same time developing and securing the environmental expertise of our employees
  • the recycling and reuse, as far as possible, of waste and unused material generated by our operations, with a particular emphasis on metals and oils
  • considering the use of energy and water in our operations, and preventing emissions to soil, air and water
  • demonstrating openness towards employees, customers, government authorities and society in general in our work with the environment.