New investments in machinery

HT Svarv expands its machinery for turning. We are now investing in two sliding head machines for the production of axle products.
The machines will be delivered and put into operation in summer 2014.

9 April, 2014|

HT Svarv invests in induction hardening

To improve our efficiency and meet the increased intake of customer orders we are now expanding our production facility with additional equipment for induction hardening.
The equipment will be used for hardening of complex products for the auotomotive industry and will be commissioned in late 2014.

7 March, 2014|

New owner of HT Svarv

AnVa Industries, a newly formed industry group in Västerås, Sweden, has acquired a majority of the shares in HT Svarv AB in Kalix, Sweden. The acquisition is effective from 1st March 2014.

AnVa Industries has earlier acquired AnVa Polytech AB in Sunne and Tuna Stålrör AB i Eskilstuna. With the aquisition of HT Svarv the companies will together have a […]

3 March, 2014|

New CAM-system deployed

New CAM system from GibbsCAM is now deployed.
The new system will improve our ability to perform machining simulations as well as optimizations of our processes.

26 February, 2014|