New name but still the same Company.


With the intention of clearly marking a connection with the AnVa-group, HT-Svarv AB is now changing its name to AnVa Components.
The company’s organizational-/VAT number, address and telephone numbers, focus and general business intention remain unchanged, as is ownership.

Our name-change is coordinated with our sister-company Tuna Stålrör that changes its name to AnVa Tubes & Components. In the AnVa-group is already our sister-company AnVa Polytech.

Coordinated with the name change, our AnVa-group web-site is being launched, which is replacing our previous web-site. Our e-mail addresses are being changed from “” to In order to not jeopardize any communication, both old and new e-mail addresses will co-exist during an interim period.

If you have any questions or concerns around this, please reach out to your normal contact with us, or call Mikael Nilsson, MD, AnVa Components, +46 (0)923-79 966.